A journey for the American People

“beyond bias, toward truth and harmony”

Summary of, as yet, 220 page book + full first chapter + excerpt from chapter seven :

Illumination is a book written by a “channeled” spirit, an ancient powerful female philosopher who was murdered by people threatened by her powerful ability to uncover truth.

Hypatia believes that our ability to be honest with ourselves about our reasoning, our feelings, and our influences is a powerful vehicle to uniting our country on democratic solution-oriented values.

Illumination seeks to inspire both an appreciation for complexity, a “letting go” of ego, and a powerful call to action that is beyond reaction, anger, and stress: action that is instead inspired, creative, and infinite – reflecting the deeper truth of our own selves, despite how small our economic system, media, and circumstances seem to make us.

Paradesea is a dialogue based social network and series of events that dreams to help Americans reconnect to themselves, one another, and deeper truths. Paradesea does not seek to provide these answers. Instead, we seek to connect Americans together with intention, philosophy, and an appreciation for the deeper nature of consciousness, in order to help them to uncover this for themselves and in an exciting and fun format. To inquire about and/or support our events, you can email us with the form at the bottom of this page.

Chapter one:

Necessary careful watching (all of it, please) prior to reading:

The War on Sense-Making, with Daniel Schmachtenberger

“The essence or spirit of science is no bias. Capitalism is about optimizing for bias. So, if there is capital funding of chapter , it’s going to fund the things that create ROI on that research, so we can keep doing more research, which creates a reason to distort information and a reason to withhold information. If I can get a patent on synthetic and not on a natural molecule, a lot more money is going to go into synthetic molecules than natural. Then we look at it and ask ourselves why are there not so many phase three trials on herbs as there are on pharma meds? Pharma meds must be more accurate. No! This is an example of true information that is shared truthfully that is still misrepresentative of reality. Do I have a sense of what the actual territory is? Do I have a sense that the map that is created actually maps onto the territory reasonably well? Sense-making means map generation and then how we make choices in the realities generated by that information.”

How to Bring Consciousness to Politics, Marianne Williamson with Mindvalley

“It will happen out of their pathological revolt or wisdom. Either way, it will happen. The status quote protects itself. A better version of the same old same old is still going to lead to catastrophe.” –  Marianne Williamson 

Professor Jordan Peterson on climate change and climate policy at the Cambridge Union 

“Does global warming have the power to unite us?” “These things are unbelievably complicated, so no, it’s not going to unite us and we aren’t going to do a damn thing about it, either. So it doesn’t really matter. Well, what are we going to do? Are you going to stop having heat, are you going to stop having electricity? Are you going to stop driving your cars, stop taking trains? Are you going to stop using your iphones? You’re not going to do any of that, and no wonder. So, no.”

The purpose of this document is to significantly motivate others to put energy into expanding their ability to uncover real truths about the world and ourselves, especially in the name of uniting our nation and saving ourselves from climate catastrophes and civil war, no matter your beliefs. 

A capitalism that regains its moral center, 

Without sacrificing the freedom of the markets or ourselves…

Could it be possible? 

What if all it took was taking in the whole “information package”?…

Chapter One – A Message of Great Importance 

Imagine having a big secret, powerful enough to save the world with, but almost impossible to even put into words. Imagine knowing that something really terrible is about to happen to many people, with enough power to not only erase not only them but erase the pasts of their ancestors and futures of their children. What would you do? 

Imagine knowing that the end of our civilization and total breakdown of our civil society is right around the corner. That what is in store for us as we are now is epically catastrophic and yet too big for most to even understand, let alone accept. Our fates have nearly already been sealed. There is no amount of brain power that can predict exactly what a solution might look like, because there is no solution that will not require massive amounts of pure inspiration and creativity

There is but one way to save ourselves now, and it is the same way to a Utopia of the most genuine kind. This, to be frank, is what I endeavor to prove, with as much objectivity as I can muster. This is not a fantasy, this is a survey of concrete, illuminating perspectives. This is also a journey to the delivery of a message that I long ago attempted to personally deliver before I was cut short by dark forces. I hope to get you excited about dissolving illusions and living into your more godly nature. Everything is connected. In the eye of the singularity, a time where even the words of individuals can have magical effects on others and the world, where “anything is possible” will seem more and more evident, it is certainly a time to be absolutely thrilled

One Climate Change Scientist Takes On A Room Full of Skeptics

For many people, these statistics are cause for extreme disturbance, grief, anxiety, and even terror. For others, it is cause for extreme suspicion in “liberals” and scientists, their motives, their advances to take more money and power for themselves on the basis of their own notions of morality. What we are really seeing is a foundational divergence in notions of morality, which is connecting more and more to our daily lives personally in ways no one will be able to escape for long.

Climate skeptic 1: “You are trying to fool us with this 3% when the other 97% is natural. How are we supposed to mitigate global warming when we can only imagine changing to say a 1.5% shift in co2 contribution?”

Climate scientist: “You are not understanding the science. Imagine a bathtub is getting filled at a faster rate than it can drain out. Over time, the bathtub can flood. We need to increase the size of the drain and decrease the rate of filling the tub, so we can avoid flooding. That 3% is cumulative.” 

Climate skeptic 2: “I changed my mind. It was too much for me to pretend to understand at first, but the bathtub analogy you gave made it a lot clearer for me.

I don’t recommend reading this text unless you are strong enough to face difficult truths. If you are brave enough to get through this, you may be lucky enough to absorb the mystical enchantment and infinite power that the complete truth also contains. You will have the opportunity to use this truth in service to your most abundant, authentic, honest, and inspired self and what you have to give to your family, your friends, your community, your nation, and your Earth. 

We, as Americans, are in quite the predicament. This is the most stressful political and social climate many of us have experienced in our lives. And unlike the past, where continuous conflicts were followed by continuous resolutions, many of us have come to the intuition, through various ways of thinking and feeling, that we are racing to the edge of a cliff

There are many conflicting ideas about how to proceed. How to keep us safe. How to ensure better lives for our children. How to get us out of the mess we are in. Most of us have a lot of faith in powerful people to figure these things out for us. 

I am here to convince you that no one powerful person or group of people is enough to set us on a path to the collective future that does not involve witnessing and experiencing great suffering on a significantly greater scale than any of us have experienced in our lifetimes. The suffering is absolutely unprecedented, and I have a hard time imagining that many aspects of all lives will be impacted in the near future, no matter what. There are of course also unprecedented breakthroughs in technologies of every kind. There are unprecedented solutions. There is also an unprecedented number of enlightened spirits roaming our planet now. Let’s not forget there are also unprecedented forces and powers fighting to maintain the status quo, at the benefit of a select few and at the expense of the many. What a fascinating situation I find our human race in now.

My name is Hypatia, and spirits in the ether have revived me for a brief time, in order to deliver this message to you. That’s right, it’s me, Hypatia of Alexandria. I humbly take it upon myself to deliver this message to you, because I am aware of the critical need for it, for something disruptive, and I always believed in the real power of knowledge to “free the people”. I’ll tell you more about my past life and mission later. Another key reason I’ve decided to do this is because I know many others who are racing to do the same that haven’t done as much deep philosophical work to really uncover just how deep the follies of the human ego can run. I don’t think anyone is equipped to “lead the way”. I think it’s time we all took responsibility for leading the way individually, and yet united, together, in a collective direction that is aligned to our core principles. Many may rightly wonder what in the world such a uniting movement would focus on. It is possible to simplify this to one thesis statement:

The truth will set us free

What I am about to reveal to you is not an ideology, but information regarding the “bigger picture” that many people are too distracted with their own endless chatter and information bubbles to pay attention to. I will also reveal to you the power of the truth itself to literally create reality. Unless we know the whole truth, we won’t know to what extent our reality is controlled and limited by others or by the lies we tell our own selves. It is those who seek truth and seek to humbly, nobly represent truth individually that will fuel a New American Renaissance, which can otherwise be considered the American Resistance to what I’ll call dark forces, or mechanisms of influence that consciously or un-consciously withhold true information, distort true information, “brainwash” false information, or otherwise work to spread lies, beliefs in fewer future possibilities than is more than likely otherwise the case, hatred or blindness to the humanity in others, or distractions from opportunities to source more light or knowledge or love. 

Where might we get this energy from, this passion and motivation from, in a disconnected, dis-enchanted, and dis-empowered culture? I’ll tell you exactly where it’ll come from: waking up to how severe the climate crisis truly is, how our government has become anti-freedom and anti-democracy via its various cancerous elements, and at once how much infinite abundance we are able to generate sustainably using new technologies and social innovations. In other words, at this precise moment, it is appropriate to be at once completely horrified in a way that is even difficult and unusual for any one individual human to process and completely excited and in love with what is in store for us if we make it through this. The eye of the singularity is composed of many dualities. It is with the reconciliation of dualities and half-truths that we will find ourselves progressing as a whole to a place of greater certainty and coherence. I believe in the power of truth, both external and internal to guide our collective path forward

We must fight to avoid war, mass environmental destruction, and enslavement. What I want for everyone is access to peace and freedom, into the foreseeable future. We are on track, if we fight for transparency at every level, to lead infinite lives with infinite abundance. We must recognize the complete truth: the responsibility of both ourselves and our government to face truths that have the power to give us more of what we truly want. In other words, the chicken or the egg question of blame becomes irrelevant when we can have a holistic whole-systems approach based on a commitment to truth and transparency. Both the chicken and egg must evolve together. They do this by gaining greater awareness for wider contextual truths about what the egg truly is and what the chicken truly is. So when it comes to responsibility, we can at least agree that we need a government that does not actively withhold truth. When the system enslaves us by forcing us to go to state organized education and then more education that will likely put us into extreme debt, we can recognize the system’s responsibility in the struggle to achieve individual sovereignty. Most blue and red perspectives can be reconciled with a bigger conversation. We can only achieve the expressed or actualized reconciliation of our values in a system that is willing to support collective systems that empower us as individuals to achieve total sovereignty-the ability to sustain ourselves, be responsible for every aspect of our own lives, and influence the world in tangible, positive ways. Americans fear the word socialism, but I’m here to convince you that a merging of modern socialism (different from 20th century) and conscious capitalism will pave the way to taking all Americans to a destination of increased independence from greater authority supports.

Dialogue or conscious conversation is a critical feature of the renaissance that will take us to system reform that values truth and transparency. We have to believe that bigger conversations and uncovering more nuances is possible in the mainstream political arena. We first must create that “arena” ourselves. We must remember that culture creates politics. A people get the government they deserve, and this has been proven to be the case over many centuries in many countries. And especially before a government has fully achieved dictatorship status, the people always have more power than they can fathom to influence the political arena with their own culture. When we uncover the truth together and at once share the truth together, we can discover all the ways that conservative and liberal views are actually aligned, interrelated, and actually different aspects of a concrete vision of a truly “all-win” paradigm. 

It is important to use this information and awareness wisely once you have access to it. Many will pretend to have the answers over the next year. Many of them will claim they are enlightened. That is why it is so important that this message is delivered far and wide, so that enough people can not only have real Knowledge, but have the opportunity to join a united consciousness based on that Knowledge. It’s not as esoteric or pretentious as it sounds. What it boils down to is so simple that you will laugh…perhaps even rejoice. Strangely enough, we have been conditioned and outright brainwashed so thoroughly that the only way to uncover the simplicity of this revelation is to take a journey through perspectives, and perhaps even more importantly, under the guidance of someone who wants you to have the power and not anyone’s “liberating” dogma, which almost always only liberates you on the surface

This message is so important that something greater in the realm of spirits has decided to defy normal physical rules in order to enter this body and do what I can to help enable us to evolve toward greater authenticity, love, and inspiration in an unnaturally brief period of time. The information you are about to digest has the power to inspire you to become the hero of our American story. Even more epic is the opportunity to become a hero of our Human story. This is not an exaggeration. You are more than worthy of that role. And for anyone who is able to understand this message, I would argue that it is even your duty. 

We are all doing the best we can, surely. However, I hope that by the end of this book, you’ll feel significantly more inspired by what is possible, and whatever is right for you will feel even more authentic, powerful, and in harmony with your greatest vision for your life. 

My death occurred 1604 years ago. It was a rather untimely death connected with historically very powerful events that changed the course of human history forever. All a woman can ask for right? Well, not exactly. I secretly dreamed of a better path for us, and it was most certainly stifled. A great many people suffered immensely, had untimely, disrespectful deaths, and apparently all in vain

And yet, how absolutely beautiful did the best of our world get? My eyes are filled with tears of joy at all the beauty and truth we discovered and created. It went so far beyond what I could have imagined. What any of us could have imagined. For me, the most amusing aspect is how I was persecuted for believing in “magic”, when now there are many technologies existing that anyone from my time would have immediately assumed is not of this world! 

I am am existing in this world now to deliver a message I was not yet powerful enough to deliver before I was murdered in public in broad daylight, my flesh cut bit by bit, and burned in ceremonial mockery. Yes, that’s right, it was the most horrible experience I could not have even imagined or anticipated. I recall that my spirit since the last thousand years has not been able to rest. It’s as if I had an attachment to this world I could not surrender. And now I can only say that I have a powerful need to connect with you personally on a deep level. And in order to do that, I must take you on a bit of a journey with me. A journey through some history, some ideas, and some perspectives. I promise to keep to the point and provide nothing in excess of what is necessary to deliver this message. This will be a bit of an unusual text, with a wide variety of information and media. In order to receive this message in its reality, I ask that you follow the breadcrumbs carefully. I ask that you read, listen to, and watch everything in sequential order and with your undivided attention. This is a vortex of un-layering that will surprise even the most intelligent of you. So if I haven’t convinced you yet to read this text with great care, then this message is probably not intended for you… yet. 

I see I am not the only one that understood this message and attempted to communicate it using a combination of all the powers of reason and intuition vested in the deliverer. Besides those powers, it is impossible to communicate this without also both knowing your audience and being adequately skilled in artistry for the task. One prominent figure I will not mention until later in particular hoped to publish some groundbreaking material but was suppressed by the forces of his time. Others have gone the entertainment or loving route, such as Alan Watts or Osho. When you take it with a greater degree of seriousness, because of a reality that I also hope to make very clear in such a way that we can both agree on, it becomes a most fascinating puzzle. A most fascinating puzzle that I most humbly want desperately to solve… only to the extent necessary to save ourselves and the best of our world.

Now imagine we are passing through a portal together. Imagine we are entering into an immersive journey through space and time. Everything is meaningful here. Everything is meant for us at the right moments, and the destination won’t be clear until the very end. 

If you would be so kind as to take one great big breath at exactly this moment. I would so enjoy to guide you through a meditation. Regardless of what your experience is of meditation, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to be together with you for a prolonged moment, to help prepare your mind and heart for what’s to come. 

-Link to guided meditation – 

Excerpt from chapter seven:

“I remember that day, even before the incident, particularly well. I was on my way from the Library of Alexandria to the institute, carrying a few books from Lysis and Hipparchus. I remember being particularly head strong that day, stubbornly committed to proving them wrong in their faithlessness in the “mob”. 

Every question you can possibly ask I am sure has an answer. How do you get people who have never really thought for themselves before to fall in love with the beauty of a deeper reality, a deeper reality that, with enough perspective you can come to see is a balance of logic and eternal truth with magic and meaninglessness? How could it be both and how does this at once prove our ability to objectively increase our own divination, when we cannot know objectivity through our senses?

My student and I were in the middle of trying to distill very esoteric philosophical divine knowledge into something comprehensible by the masses that would help to liberate them without compromising the integrity of “philosophical virtue”, which is not easy to come by but after a decade of getting deep and honing your rational skills and synthesis of structural realisms.

I was drawing larger and larger crowds, and we were right in the middle of something and knew it was groundbreaking. People were not ready, but I was ready to do whatever I could with as much true love for the people and compassion for myself as possible. I am sure Jonas Salk had the same awareness and that’s why he couldn’t come out with his ideas on consciousness. Not yet anyway.

You have not kept your promise, my dear friend, the promise which you made that you would not reveal those things which ought to remain hidden. I have just listened to people who have come from you. They remembered some of your expressions, and they begged me to reveal the meaning of them. But according to my custom I did not pretend to them that I understood the writings in question, nor did I say that I knew them.

You no longer need any warning from me, my dear Herculian, for it would not be enough to convince you.  Rather look up the letter which Lysis the Pythagorean addressed to Hipparchus, and when you have found it, oblige me by reading it frequently.  Perhaps you will then experience a complete change of mind in regard to your uncalled-for revelation. “To explain philosophy to the mob,” as Lysis says in his somewhat Dorian dialect, “is only to awaken amongst men a great contempt for things divine.”  How often have I met, time and time again, people who, because they had rashly listened to some stately little phrases, refused to believe themselves the laymen that they really were!

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