What is Paradesea?

A social network for good-willed leaders

committed to developing businesses focused on social infrastructure, education at all stages of life, building engaged communities, and accelerating environmental solutions

We are a network of hundreds of American organizations, entrepreneurs, influencers, and artists paving the way for the future of capitalism that is sustainable by choice

That is, we are positive impact-driven. We believe Americans are capable of making the right choices, and we believe the answer lies in connecting the dots. Here at Paradesea, we are committed to connecting the dots for you. 

  • Looking to join a local mastermind?
  • Looking to find a socially/environmentally driven colleague who is also matched to you by location, experience, or even personality? 
  • Wanting to represent sustainable products, but wanting help finding them and making mutually beneficial deals?
  • Are you an investor, but don’t have time to search and screen trustworthy entrepreneurs?
  • Perhaps you are an entrepreneur and seeking social/environmental business pitching opportunities with keen investors? 
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