Intentional culture

We help people grow naturally.

Intellectually, emotionally, and physically, by giving them opportunities to be together, creatively, with people they admire.

We believe everyone has the answers within them to navigating a social world online in the direction of personal thriving, knowledge, and meaningful impact.

We custom design study groups, creative groups, discussion groups, reading groups, research groups, mastermind groups, accountability groups, meditation groups, and fitness groups around personal interests and needs shared during our cafe sessions.

Our intention is to foster deep listening, of self, others, society, and the natural world, in order to help participants make their dreams become reality.

The Listening Society is a book by Hanzi Freinacht that describes a need for a politics that can help humans grow to the later stages of psychological development is also one that can be capable of meeting the staggering challenges of our time.

We have all the answers within us, and yet we need our progress to be accelerated by groups in order to succeed in the current paradigm and become the leaders this world needs.

Our online cafe cultivates the basic knowing in all participants to share their truth, their strengths, and the ways in which they need to be supported by community in order to thrive.

When the maternal matrix is damaged the child cannot root itself in its own body Where the mother is not sufficiently in touch with her own body she cannot give the child the bonding necessary to give it confidence in it own instincts. The child cannot relax into her body nor later into its own.  — Marion Woodman, Addiction to Perfection

Our interface or social networking platform, operates with an intentional culture of all being welcome, fostering human development through healing, expression, and enlightening social interaction. Our groups are focused, and highly engaging, and they are also sharing a universal structure of illuminating where people are at and where they want to go.

We are interested in helping our guests to get further rooted in their own bodies, minds, and hearts.

Our community is invested in seeing all our members build fulfilling online community, share knowledge, and progress in all areas.