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Drastic times call for drastic measure, huh? It seems this phrase has never been more relevant to all of our lives now.

“Keep calm and carry on.” – Also a great one. I asked parents what they are doing to get through this, what has been the most effective for them, and the most popular response I got was “coffee in the morning, wine in the evening.” HA!

This is far from an easy time, and it seems things will get more difficult before they get easier again. However, when we help to support one another, share community and resources, and consciously use this as an opportunity to WAKE UP and activate your capacity to totally THRIVE in this life, we can spin this world wide phenomenon into something incredibly inspiring!

What this will take will be plugging out of SOCIAL MEDIA and into online communities, sustainable online marketplaces, and into a creative, connecting, and manifesting mode of existence!

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