1. Diversity is Strength

We invite people from all perspectives, beliefs, cultures, classes, and backgrounds to enjoy our spaces and participate in co-creating our culture and participating in our opportunities for dialogue and expression. We customize our spaces and groups to work best for our guests and students, but so long as our principles are upheld, all are welcome in our virtual world. 

2. Self-Directed Education is the Future

“The progress of the world depends almost entirely upon education.” – George Eastman

Global research shows that self-directed education is much more effective at developing humans around their own special gifts. One size does not fit all, and more attention placed on a student’s personal truth helps them to accelerate their progress in a known direction in a rapidly transforming world. 

Here at the Paradesea virtual synergy cafe, we connect educators and students, students and students, and salon hosts and guests from all over the world. 

We connect you to learning in groups based on your own unique knowledge, skills, dreams, goals, and desires for connection. At the end of each teaching, tutoring, or discussion group, participants are invited to complete a brief survey, so that we can continue to match you to better and better conversations based on your own unique interests and needs. 

3. Nonviolent Communication

We believe in nonviolent communication as a principle in order to maintain a safe atmosphere. 

We invite all students and guests to communicate their needs and values clearly when necessary so that we can respond and help improve the experience. 

We are committed to providing quality experiences, and since everyone has a chance to add their value to these spaces, we ask that guests consider what they have to offer or communicate constructively to any given space. 

We recognize the four main components of nonviolent communication: Observations, Feelings, Needs/Values, and Requests. 

In case there are controversial topics being discussed and a barrier has been reached, we provide the option of bringing in a professional mediator or additional teacher or guide to a group zoom call, in order to ensure our discourse remains as generative as possible. 

4. Presence

Our spaces and everything we offer invites conscious presence and deep listening. 

We support people in removing distractions, diversions, feelings of overwhelm, uncertainty or disempowerment, and anything in the way of achieving your dreams and leading a life and mind of intent.

We invite everyone in our spaces to connect to their own unique sense of purpose, heal from fear and apathy, and focus on being generative, creative, and expressive. 

We believe that everyone is extraordinarily valuable, and we seek to help empower people to see themselves beyond the limits of their current economic position, judgements they’ve previously received, habits, unresolved emotions, and edges of knowledge. 

We structure every group the same, with a basic dialogue and archiving protocols.

Archiving helps inspire people to mean what they say, learn, and make progress in their contributions to the “collective intelligence”. All guests are asks their consent, and our most pertinent discoveries get added to our network’s “library of knowledge”.

We also do this to improve the quality of presence for all guests over time.

The experience of Paradesea is meant to be experienced by you in particular. Paradesea means “for the being” in Spanish, and is the scientific name of Birds of Paradise. We believe that with adequate knowledge, resources, and connections, everyone can THRIVE on their own terms!

5. Local, Sustainable Commerce

We support local, sustainable commerce at every opportunity! Our virtual salon hosts are also gardeners. We host virtual cafes and expos that boost local economies and support good people!

6. Nonjudgement

In our cafe and during our event series, we encourage an “open society” or festival-like culture, where people are invited to “share” the space versus arriving in solitude and staying in solitude, although of course you are welcome to focus on yourself if that’s the mood you are in! Nonjudgement helps keep the space safe for different types of people. We might create spaces in the future that cater a little bit more to different cultures, but for now we offer nonjudgment as a principle to help support our foundational principle of diversity without limits!

7. Humanity First

Humanity First is not about politics or religion. It’s not about anything any individual stands to gain. It’s about creating a space which dares to contextualize itself by the bigger picture, the need for us as a whole to work for Humanity as a “universal”. There is much to define and illuminate here, but we see the world as deeply interconnected, humanity across cultures as deeply interconnected, and for the sake of sustainability, this interconnectedness can surely be no longer ignored. 

8. Language is Power

It has been proven that our words are far more powerful over our thoughts, emotions, and reality that we experience than we realize. Our words are not our own, they have power over us. In order for us to get our power back, we must become conscious of our language. 

Americans today are rather sloppy with their language, so we invite everyone to practice meaning what they say during our focused group discussions. We have some theory background on language and dialogue, and we invite our guests to join others for a course, a book discussion, or an ongoing topic discussion.

We highly recommend everyone to read Politics and the English Language by George Orwell if you haven’t already:

It’s not possible to think for yourself unless you are able to actually consciously choose your words. This takes conscious awareness as well as the support of others to help you illuminate your blind spots. 

We have developed this concept because we recognize this intentional engagement is missing in virtually every public sphere of our society today, and it’s our mission to bring it back

“Language as a lens into behavior

Linguists analyze how certain speech patterns correspond to particular behaviors, including how language can impact people’s buying decisions or influence their social media use.

For example, in one research paper, a group of Stanford researchers examined the differences in how Republicans and Democrats express themselves online to better understand how a polarization of beliefs can occur on social media.

“We live in a very polarized time,” Jurafsky said. “Understanding what different groups of people say and why is the first step in determining how we can help bring people together.”” – Stanford News

9. Intentional Living

We are living through an incredibly pivotal moment in human history.

Intentional living has incredible power to help us author our own lives, living on our own terms despite external uncertainties.

We offer online courses on home gardening and meditation as well as mastermind groups with online income accountability support, to help guests at our virtual cafe become more independent with the support of an intimate community that wants to see you succeed.

This is a place to get real and actually get to know people, and fall in love with the process. Most online offerings are very impersonal and consistent motivation to engage can be difficult. That’s why we are committed to bringing real people together to share their worlds.

10. Integrity in Facilitation

We ourselves commit to embodying all the aforementioned principles ourselves in the facilitation of the space. We commit to continuing to improve our practice and the ability for our spaces to inspire genuine learning, communication, and connecting with others at every opportunity.

We invite anyone who is capable to become co-facilitators, if they are able to offer value in hosting, teaching, tutoring, or mentoring.

Some of our offerings are free, and many other offerings are as low as $5-10 per session. Co-facilitators keep most of their income, and we accept applications at all time. Please just submit your course or discussion topic proposal for review and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

One on one intensive tutoring costs $25-60. We offer subscriptions for those who enjoy our services regularly and would like to save money. This is a highly customizable experience, and we are here to learn about your specific interests so we can tailor the experience to enhance your own unique world.

We are committed to representing a conscious capitalist paradigm, where the sharing economy stays good for hosts, unlike airbnb and uber which extract most profits to the top.

As we grow, we are committed to investing our profits into regenerative projects, as we believe in an endless growth paradigm through education, creativity, and human connection.